Welcome to Department of Electronics and Computer Technology website of the University of Granada. Currently the Department is integrated by teachers from the areas of:

  • Electronics

  • Electronics Technology

who teach in undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in the Faculty of Science, in the E.T.S. of Computer Engineering and Telecommunications and in the Faculty of Education, Economics and Technology of Ceuta.

The members of DETC carry out their research activity in the GRIDE (TIC-105), DiTEC (TIC-127), Nanoelectronics Research Group (TIC-216) and ECSENS groups, as well as in the ICT Research Centre of the University of Granada (CITIC-UGR) and in the Joint Institute of Sport and Health (IMUDS) of the University of Granada.

The direction and management of the Department is currently in the hands of the following people:

Department Regulations.