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WEB Seminar

Analog Devices, Inc. and Avnet Options and Solutions for RF System Design
September 27, 2006
RF system designers face some of the toughest challenges in engineering, and this seminar will explore the options and tradeoffs involved in designing the RF signal chain. Discussion includes important advances and issues with modulators/demodulators, ISM transceivers, mixers and multipliers, log amps, detectors and gain blocks, and more. Products and technology will be highlighted that ease the RF design task and significantly improve system performance.


Analog Devices, Inc. and Avnet Design and Characterization of Discontinuous RF/uW Passive Components Using EEsof's New
full 3D Electromagnetic Simulator
September 21, 2006
This webcast will show through the use of two examples of widely used, though often poorly modeled components, how to accurately use a 3D EM simulator to model structures poorly modeled by other means, and then how to effectively bring those results back into ADS circuit design environment in order to integrate them with the rest of the circuit models.


  RF Power Solutions for Industrial, Scientific & Medical (ISM)
Agosto 10, 2006

Freescale Semiconductor recently introduced a portfolio of innovative RF power amplifiers designed for both the HF/VHF frequency space (to 450 MHz) and the 2.45 GHz Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) band. ISM systems include hundreds of applications that operate at frequencies from DC up to 6 GHz and beyond (plasma generators, laser exciters, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and FM/VHF broadcast). This portfolio was spawned by the development of 50 V VHV6 RF LDMOS (very high voltage sixth generation RF Laterally Diffused Metal Oxide Semiconductor) technology, a 50 V enhancement to Freescale's widely accepted 28 V LDMOS technology.

This webinar will present the key features and performance advantages of Freescale's RF Power Amplifier portfolio to support your next design.

Join Freescale Semiconductor and Richardson Electronics to explore the new standard in RF power


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