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Victor López Romero

In this page we pretend to show the work made in the "TCI" subject by the student Víctor López Romero.





At the begining of the course we started with the program SolidWorks. I had never used this program but we adquired the basic knowledge and I think this is a very usefull program. The project that has been made is a case for Arduino Mega.The box is made up of several parts. These parts are shown in the following images







Cover Case


Assembly with Arduino model



We did soledring work. We did 2 soldering jobs. The first one is an initiation smd board, which welds all the components and then we check its correct operation.

Vídeo de prueba

Also we had to do soledring work of Brake Light of Seat Ibiza.





The integrated project is a vúmetro with a 64 leds matrix of through arduino. The audio input will be made through an analogue arduino pin. To control the 64 LEDs we use 4 shift registers. Each shift register controls a submatrix of 4x4 LEDs. The power will be provided by a 9V battery. The idea of the VU meter is that the LEDs light up by levels depending on the intensity of the music that is playing. The LEDs are smd 0603 Greens 57nm 50mcd and they work with 20 mA. For this, the resistors that are used are SMD resistors 0603 with a value of 270 ohms with a tolerance of 5%. These resistors consume 0.1 W.





PCB layout